Trojans in my Head

I should have made a post on Atlas Genius awhile ago, but better late than never, right?

I’ve been slightly obsessed with this band for a little while now. Atlas Genius hails from Adelaide, South Australia. The indie rock band consists of two brothers who know how to create chill and dynamic songs. I love their laid back style matched with their great sound. The Jeffery brothers say their sound is influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, Beck and The Police. Check out their debut single “Trojans” released in May 2011.

Trojans | Atlas Genius | SunShineSounds

Trojans | Atlas Genius | SunShineSounds

Atlas Genius

If you’re in the area, check them out at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincincitti, OH. They will be playing on Saturday July 13, 2013 when MGMT is headlining.

Coming soon:

Pictures from the MGMT Concert in Cleveland, OH in May – AMAZING

My adventures at The Hangout Music Festival!

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O.A.R. Kind of Day

This past Sunday Cleveland was gifted with sunshine and t-shirt weather. But they are calling for snow tomorrow =[ When the grey skies hit, I always look to some sweet jams that help me feel like I’m on the beach somewhere. Today O.A.R. took me away.

It’s obvious that I’m into jam bands, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love O.A.R.

The 5 member band all attended The Ohio State University. In 1996 the band was formed and has had a great deal of success. Check out their 2013 tour – Maybe you’ll even find me!

What are your rainy day songs? Let me know what keeps you bright =]

Keep shining rays – Spring is almost here =]

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Good Music is Coming Back

Hello Rays,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared some music with you, but in all honestly, I haven’t found much new music that I liked.  So I reverted back to the good ole’ radio to find some inspiration.

My newest favorite band hails from Adelaide, South Australia.  You’ve probably heard of Atlas Genius by now; a great indie rock band with a killer sound.  I like them for a bunch of reasons, but mainly for the vocals, lyrics and overall sound they put out.

Atlas Genius consists of 4 band members:

  • Keith Jeffrey – Vocalist
  • Michael Jeffery – Drums
  • Steven Jeffery – Bass
  • Darren Sell – Keyboard

In May of 2011 their first single ‘Trojans’ was released.  Currently, the song has peaked on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart at #6 – which is really great.

The band says that they are influenced by Death Cab for Cutie, The Police, and Beck.

Check them out this summer.  I cannot wait to see where this band goes and takes us with them =]

PS. it feels GREAT to be back.

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Hello my lovely Rays!

Shpongle Live

My apologies for being absent for so long, but life picked up a bit. I am about to graduate from Miami University during the first weekend of May with a Creative Writing degree.  I’m excited and anxious to dive deeper into the musical world; specifically the marketing and writing side.  More importantly, its great to be back and have time to check out new music and share it with y’all.

it’s ALL GOOD people!

This year Ohio is lucky enough to host the 16th annual All Good Music Festival and Campout hosted at Legend Valley in Thornville, OH.  The line-up is awesome (as always) and something to get excited about: The Allman Brother’s Band, Phil Lesh & Friends, The Flaming Lips (they are preforming a show other than Dark Side of The Moon if you’re already set to see that show this summer), to name a few.

Personally, I am looking for

ward to

Shpongle presents The Masquerade.  Last summer at Electric Forest, I missed the show and regretted it.  All of my friends came back saying how it was one of the most amazing and ente

rtaining shows they had ever been too.

Check out this sneak peak!

Check out the All Good Facebook Page and get your tickets!  Roughly 80 days until the good vibes roll!

Happy Start to the Festival Season!  Hope you all have fun and stay safe!  Feel free to comment about your festival experiences/stories/happenings/ photos!

Shine on Rays =]

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History of Daft Punk

Evolution of Daft Punk Video

I came across this video and I feel that they explain Daft Punk really well.  I’ll warn you, the video is kinda dull, but gives you the whole picture.  It would be a dream come true to be able to see these guys live.  Road trip to France this summer?  I think so =]

Keep ragin’ rays.

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Deadmau5 Live Tonight

I know this is a little last minute, but I just came across this myself.  Deadmau5 is streaming 30 minutes of his live Toronto show for free.

Here’s the link:


EOTO Live in Cinci

EOTO live - Photo by Phil

While festival season has come to a complete end, bands are touring all around the country like crazy. It seems like every weekend there is a few shows that I “would be crazy to miss” (according to my rays of sunshine). One show I’m particually sad that I missed was EOTO who played at the Century Theatre last Sunday.  A few of my close rays went and came back with amazing pictures and good vibes.  All the photos in this post were taken by my friend Phil who loved the show.

EOTO is a live electronic band, made up of Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  In 2006, the band formed as a side project of The String Cheese Incident.  This duo set uses live instruments combined with a wide range of synthetic instrumental sounds.   Hann controls vocals and electronic percussion while playing drums.  Travis has two laptops on stage; one has the Propellerhead software Reason, which has keyboard and bass sounds.  The other controls Guitar, vocals, keyboard, and bass loops.  They use Ableton as their main program for shows.

So far the band has put out 3 studio albums, which were created from tracks from life shows and modified.  Check out the link for their full discography.

The name EOTO originally stands for “End of Time Observatory”.  Over the years, fans have adapted the name, but the current pronunciation was finalized when Japanese fans pointed out that EOTO means “good sound”.

Goods sounds, great vibes, and live music; a rare treat these days.

Keep shining rays =]

EOTO - photo by Phil


Awesome Band Picture- photo by Phil

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Start Looking Forward to 2012

Music fans of all kinds have a lot to look  forward to in the new year.  A new documentary is coming out that pairs major djs up with artists and producers from five traditional styles of music.  The teams collaborate to remix, recreate and redesign the boundaries between genres.  Check out the Regeneration website for a sick trailer and more info on the movie.

See you at the theaters


Show Me Those Pretty Lights

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to see Pretty Lights himself in Columbus, Ohio.  Between this show and his electric set, this was the better of the two in my opinion.  In a smaller venue, PL was able to make the whole crowd come together into a thrilling and intimate party.

Back to the set list, which left me and my group with ear to ear grins.  He opened with “I Know the Truth” and began the stunning light show.  Then, PL went into a few songs that we couldn’t identify that were a little slower.  However, things picked up with a few favorites.  The finale / encore (I was confused at which was actually happening) featured many of his 2010 releases which most of my personal favorites.   There’s nothing better than hearing these favorites be mixed live and outside.

The coolest part of the show was the new light show he displayed. He revealed some different trippy visuals, as well, eye popping geometric graphics.  I highly recommend checking him out, especially if he comes into a small venue near you.   Each show is full of heart-warming vibes, and the latest and greatest in stellar electronic music, killer light shows, and a badass party overall.

I leave you with Jarren’s Video and I recommend checking out some awesome photos from the Columbus show on Facebook.


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One of my Favorite’s from this Summer

Over the last few weeks of summer, Pretty Lights put on a few hometown shows in Colorado.  The clip above is a recap of the of the two Red Rock Shows where he dropped his new Led Zeppelin remix.  I totally love this one for it’s constant chill undertone.

Derck Vincent Smith’s stage name ‘Pretty Lights’ came from a Pink Floyd poster which read, “Come watch the pretty lights!”  He is an electronic music artist leading his genre with a storm.   His beats are considered to be edgy and he is known to play exactly what the party crowds want.  When he originally began preforming live, he was accompanied by a live drummer.  That drummer now is more of a behind the scenes guys and makes beats for PL.  Today, he is touring the world, dropping his beats in all hemispheres.

Check out Pretty Lights SoundCloud


This weekend I will be seeing PL in Columbus at the LC.  I hope to see all of my ray of sunshine absorbing Pretty Lights !

Please leave your comments, opinions, ect about the concert!


rage on.

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